Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits is yet a classic release by RTG that is successful enough to spawn two sequels. While far from the visual goodies we're used to seeing presently, there is something rather appealing in the design of Cash Bandits.

Theme & Design

The backdrop of Cash Bandits shows a great deal of lovely cash, gold, dangerous guns, and clever disguises tossed into the mix. The brave thieves either make off with a lot of money from the vaults or are deep in planning to win the prize.

Paytable & Symbols

All the game icons you can see on the reel grid are unique, giving the game a great look that won't break away from immersing you in the world. You shouldn't expect too much going into it, but you can adjust to the time frame.

Progressive Jackpot

RTG's release has plenty of goodies to lure people. The developer offers two progressive jackpots, both of which have a good amount of cash in them that you'd more than get your money worth winning either a minor or the major jackpot. If that isn't enough, there's also a unique feature waiting locked behind some vaults you'll need to break open. You can play for $0.01 to $6.25 a spin, and no doubt you'll have more than a few players poking around to give the slot machine a try.

Bank Vault Scatter

Once you gain three or more Scatter icons on the reel grid, the slot starts a fun, unique feature in which you get to crack open a handful of bank deposit vaults. There are four vaults in total, and you'll need to open them with a keypad. The first vault needs one key number only to open it, and the second bank vault needs two of them. The third vault needs three, and the fourth needs four keys to open it up.

Free Spins

Three will allow you to pick five keys, four Scatters will reward you with six keys, and if you are lucky enough to gain five Scatters, you receive eight keys, and with it, you are closer to getting the maximum possible reward of 90 free spins with a 12x win multiplier. You start with five free spins with a 2x multiplier as guaranteed, and any additions to either come from opening the bank vaults by finding the right keys.

Round-Up of Cash Bandits

To sum up and give the game a verdict, it is excellent; however, it can take a while for the unique features to roll in, but once they do, it's fun to play and always enjoyable. If you don't always win as much as you would like, keep trying, as it will pay finally. It is clear why Cash Bandits slot machine ended up spawning a sequel.